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The Two-handed sword is one of the slowest but most powerful melee weapons in any metal set. It is a two-handed slashing weapon, so it cannot be wielded with a shield or off-hand weapons, although to compensate, it gives players access to abilities that cannot be used with one-handed weapons, and have damage equivalent to dual wielding It's best to use a halberd whenever you can for 2H melee, yes. 3. level 1. stevembk. 120/120 - 10/2/17. 4 years ago. Just got Dragon Rider Lance. Its pretty sweet and acts like halbred. Zammy spear isnt bad 2H for lower combat lvls

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  1. Melee weapons are more commonly used than other weapons available, because they do not require ammunition to use, unlike most Magic or Ranged weapons. Most types of basic weapons come in eight different kinds of metal, while higher tiered weapons can be made from monster or boss drops
  2. imum of 10 hours), and costs 3,500,000 coins to repair via a Repair NPC, or discounted at an armour stand; Decimation: 87 : 97,216,210: 2287 (87
  3. If you need AoE or an extra square of range, then 2h (more specifically, halberds) is best. Some bosses in RuneScape, if bringing Melee, require a scythe to be even viable/usable like Vorago and RotS. However, in the case of Melee, dual wield and 2h aren't really meant to be compared against each other, but rather for complementing each other
  4. Best Runescape Action Bars (Manually Activate Ultimates, Stuns & Tendrils) Melee 2H: Cleave, Quake, Hurricane, Dismember, Sever, Slaughter, Assault, Smash, Slice, Fur
  5. The purpose of this page is to provide the player with optimized PvM perks for most high end situations. The 'Ancient gizmos' blueprint (4,755,312) or the untradeable version, 'Ancient gizmos' blueprint (untradeable), from Ancient Invention is required to make Ancient gizmos. These combinations aim to have the best perk ranks of Aftershock, Biting, Precise, and Equilibrium on at all times

1. level 1. C-h-e-l-s. · 1y · edited 1y. (Almost) all weapons in the same tier share the same damage and accuracy. The only real differences for melee at this tier are that dualwield usually has better single target damage and 2h usually has better AoE damage. There's a few other little things, such as 2h having access to quake if you need. level 1. LordDragon20. Rs3 cant be dying, if its already dead. 3 years ago. Dw mage: Low level mage wand/book prob master wand/mages book Or shadow/blood/3rd age dyed seis. 2h mage shadow/blood/3rd age dyed nox/sos. 2h range shadow nox bow/shadow or higher, sagitarian shortbow. Dw shadow/blood/3rd age ascs BIS perks melee 2h weapon. Anyone knows best perk combo yet for melee weapon? I have p6e1 now (dont have the 800m for p6e2 yet) Is as4 lung1 a good combo for the other gizmo? 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast OS. Crush weapons are weapons that deal crush damage. These weapons will deal extra damage to monsters with a specific weakness to crush attacks, and slightly less damage to any monster with any melee weakness. As with all melee weapons, they deal average damage against monsters with a weakness to magic, and poor damage to monsters weak to ranged Thus, on this page, Bash uses an ability damage of up to 153.1%. This is calculated from tier 90 gear with level 99 in the relevant skills - 864 weapon damage + 247 base damage + 491 armour + 99 Defence => 1701/1111 = 1.531 = 153.1%. This represents the highest damage that Bash can do

Using a 2H or using dual wield weapons, Dual wield is best for single target DPS while 2H weapons are best for multi-enemy DPS due to the 2H's variety of AoE abilities. Third an extra bit of space can help immensely especially when it comes to mob fighting which is why Nox Scythe is one of the best weapons in the game Why is your answer for Best 2h Weapons Rs3 different from another website? Each website has its own basis for making reviews. On our side, in addition to self-searching data or resources, we also refer to reviews from other sites about Best 2h Weapons Rs3 in order to give out the own result Melee weapons are more commonly used than other weapons available, because they do not require ammunition to use, unlike most Magic or Ranged weapons. Most types of basic weapons come in eight different kinds of metal, while higher tiered weapons can be made from monster or boss drops. 1 Types 2.. Feel free to support my content by becoming a member! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCAZyzIDJLwgBWh805AToQ/joinDual Wield Vs 2H Weapons | Runescape 3 0:0..

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  1. Stab weapons are weapons that deal stab damage. These weapons will do extra damage to those monsters with a specific weakness to stab attacks, and slightly less extra damage to those monsters with any melee weakness. As with all melee weapons, they deal average damage against monsters with a..
  2. 2h melee rotation setup. So, I recently got a chaotic maul and this is my first 2h setup post-eoc. Given that I have been using range, mage, and dual-wielding melee setup ever since eoc, I am not familiar with how I should go about developing my rotation for 2h'd melee weapons. My stats are: 99 def 94 atk 90 str 99 constitution
  3. We have a RS3 1-99 Construction quick guide and 6 best bosses you should be killing for RS07 Gold in the game of RuneScape 2007. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Is It Safe to Buy RuneScape Gold? MmoGah: Best RuneScape Gold Store for Cheap RS Gold. RuneScape 3: 1-99 Woodcutting Guide. RuneScape Guide: 1-99 Crafting Quick Guide. Where Is the Best Place to Buy.
  4. If you're using a 2h weapon, wait a tick before using your damage-boosting ultimate and let an autoattack slip by. This leads to more damage overall that outweighs the extra tick needed to fire off that autoattack. Should you be using Death's Swiftness or Sunshine, try standing near the boss while using it so it takes the bleed damage

Level 90 weapons may refer to: Drygore weaponry Drygore longsword Off-hand drygore longsword Drygore mace Off-hand drygore mace Drygore rapier Off-hand drygore rapier Noxious weaponry Noxious longbow Noxious scythe Noxious staff Ascension crossbow Off-hand Ascension crossbow Seismic wand Seismic.. The best weapon for Revenants A Glory/Ring of wealth are amazing teleports for level 30 wildernessThe salve amulet (e) gives a 20% INCREASE to both accuracy.

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Should you remove the weapon with it on, the damage counting towards 50k resets to 0. This makes it annoying for 2h weapons to switch to a shield. However, if you equip another item with Aftershock equipped, you keep your stored damage, so it's best to put Aftershock on mainhand weapons and not offhand RuneScape 3 Guide: 1-99 Melee Guide. This 1-99 Melee guide will be covering the weapons, the armour, useful items, and methods to get 99 Attack, Strength, and Defence in RuneScape 3. The guide also contains one of the most profitable monsters - Frost Dragons which can be killed for a good amount of RS Gold

This weapon is often chosen as the bound weapon, because it fights well in almost any situation. The downside of the spear is that it cannot train any specific skill (attack, strength, defense), but trains all of them equally. Also, it is a two-handed weapon, so a shield cannot be used along with a spear. 2h Swor RuneScape best weapons can only be obtained after searching the loot that drops from high-level bosses. For example, some of the picks on this list can be received only after killing the boss called Kalphite King. He was the toughest opponent in the game for some time until Vorago and Yakamaru were introduced. 10,000 combat level is a real deal. RuneScape 3 Guide: 1-99 Melee Guide - MmoGah. Online www.mmogah.com. · · Weak to stab weapons . They are incredible for XP as well as profit. You could sell their bones for around 13,981 RS Gold each, meaning that it's around 390,000 RS3 Gold per inventory. The downside is that you'll require super-antifire potions for the best XP per hour

Note this is a 1H/2H weapon (see info at the top). Havathang - given by Ithilrandir to the player if the player captures him and tells him to return to his homeland. Note this is a 1H/2H weapon (see info at the top). Strange Rune Two-handed Sword - can be obtained giving a Qualis Gem in the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz A 2H scythe with 2011 Damage and 2458 Accuracy, this weapon is the best meele 2H in the game. It has a special attack called Mirrorback which summons a spider which takes incoming damage instead of you, and reflects it onto your attacker. It requires level 90 Attack to use and can be bought at the grand exchange or created by items obtained. Drygore weaponry - The RuneScape Wiki. Drygore weaponry is an array of six weapons dropped by the Kalphite King, requiring 90 Attack in order to be wielded. They are some of the strongest dual-wielded melee weapons in game, beaten by the tier 92 Khopesh of Tumeken and Khopesh of Elidinis, although the drygore longsword and mace sets remain the. Dual wielding is technically better than 2h because the dual wield ability destroy is better than the equivalent 2h ability (the name escapes me right now). However, there are no buyable tier 75 dual wield weapons unless you have 80 slayer for abyssal vine whip and have finished seers hard tasks for enhanced Excalibur The following list is a recommended progression for your weapons, on this part there are a few considerations to take note of, for instance, Melee has 2H Weapons and Dual Wield weapons, each with their own unique abilities, there's also. shields [runescape.wiki] that allow the use of Defensive Abilities, and. defenders [runescape.wiki

Recommended Gear. Your best tiered gear is your best friend and is what you should be running at almost all times. Augmented T90 armor, normal level 90 gear like malevolent, Nex gear like Torva, anything augmented, etc etc etc. It's mostly the high-leveled bosses that have their own gear section, and will be noted and explained Welcome to my 1-99 P2P Melee guide for RuneScape 3 in the Evolution of Combat (EoC). This guide is regularly updated to incorporate recent updates to the game. There are a few routes to consider in achieving 99 in all 3 skills, including: The fastest route. The most profitable route. The most AFKable route to 99 2) Defender isn't any good, you want a 2h or dual wield setup. 3) Off-hand weapons is simple: It goes in place of the shield and gives more damage output. Dual wielding or 2h weapons is the way to go in 99% of situations. 4) For basic xp just toggle momentum on and afk like you used to

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  1. It works best with a Refined infusion on quality builds due to its Strength and Dexterity scalings. On top of that, its Weapon Art ( Warcry) gives you another 10% damage boost for even more hurt! Like other Black Knight weapons, it also deals a bonus 20% damage to demons which is pretty nice. 12. Estoc
  2. A 2H scythe with 2011 Damage and 2458 Accuracy, this weapon is the best meele 2H in the game. Buy Runescape 3 Defence in RS 3 shop at MuleFactory. If you want the hottest information right now, check out our homepages where we put all our newest articles. We follow the level of customer interest on Best Non Degradable Weapons Rs3 for updates
  3. Best weapon at 50 and 60 attack? at 60 without questes use the obby knife with obby neck or if on a budget use dragon sword, at 70 you should probably use a whip/ss/bludgeon for your training depending on which combat skill you desire to level. if on a budget SS is the cheapest for strength training and whip is the best all-around weapon
  4. Melee weapons are roughly categorized into swords, spears, flails, boomerangs, Jousting Lances, and yoyos. Comment. This is one of the best melee training weapons. For a list of two-handed weapons, see Equipment tables/2H Weapon
  5. 2h,but only because dw skills and animations looks like fighting with a wet noodle. only class I run with dw weapons is my stam ward for aoe burst. Also daggers swinging like a sword looks stupid. Why no stab animation for daggers LA and HA? La using simple stab. HA stabbing with 2 daggers at same time
  6. Besides Best 1 Handed Weapon Rs3, how do I know which is the hottest topic at the moment? If you want to know which topic is the hottest right now besides Best 1 Handed Weapon Rs3, go to our homepage and scroll down a little bit. You will see the Hot right now section. We will show you a list of the hottest topics at the moment

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  1. Strengths of Combat Styles. All three combat styles have their strengths and weaknesses and it's fairly obvious at this point how each style plays. Melee is the riskiest but most DPS, Ranged is cheap, decent DPS and easy to use, and Magic is the most versatile in terms of options. In terms of using for bosses, it's pretty self-explanatory.
  2. The weapon from your mule character who has never owned a legendary weapon carry immense amounts of and. Siphons would cost to make transfer it to a mule character best weapons to augment rs3 has never owned a legendary weapon can. The second best-in-slot neckwear for PvM situations, with the use of an augmentor or buy it on the effects..
  3. A 2H scythe with 2011 Damage and 2458 Accuracy, this weapon is the best meele 2H in the game. For weapons use Vine Whip (t75) & Jessika's Sword (t75) (or Enhanced Excalibur if you've done seer tasks but not temple quests). Stab weapons are weapons that deal stab damage. What are the Best Non-degradable Armors currently in RS3
  4. 30-40) Alright get some Mithril armor and a 2h sword or another 2h weapon and go into varrock sewers and go all the way past ghosts until you find a small room filled with agro zombies they should attack you automatically. It may take a little bit of experimenting but find a place where when they spawn they will all attack you without getting.

Originally made for Ironman mode, but most methods can be carried over to DarkScape! Hope this helps to give an idea of where to get your weapons! Please lea.. Posted April 19, 2009. Overall, Rune Scimitar is best. Best I've heard that the Rune Longsword is effective on Rune Plate. Also 2h is the best Pking Finisher. Scimitars are over rated. Everytime you see a Rune Longsword, you must had seen 100 Rune Scimitars. Share this post The Scythe of Vitur is the highly coveted, hugely effective, and extremely bank breaking weapon that takes the cake as the best weapon for multi-combat and against large monsters. The weapon requires 75 Attack and Strength to wield, is two-handed, and requires vials of blood and blood runes to charge, but it's well worth it

weapon perks rs3. October 30, 2020. Release date 25 January 2016 (Update) Gizmo Get scavenging 4 soon maybe but yeah same. For 2h weapons best combo is af4invigorating2 p6e2, or if your sweaty p6a1 ruthless3 equil4, remember to choose them at your own playstyle, I think as4ruth1 is a good alternative for as4inv2 or as4lung1, I have it. Seems that Average Speed Melee 2h's need a 40% Increase to Damage. Seems that Fast Speed Bows need a 35% Increase to Damage. Magic Spells Need to have their Damage stats Equalized as there is a very large variation between the dps of Air-Fire spells, which no longer is the case on RS3

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Find Lady Deathknell RS3 at the Combat Academy, and try the T92 sample weapons like 2h Sword, 1h Crossbow, etc. Saved by RSpuppy. Thanks in advance. T90 weapons & Nex/T90 armor (preferably augmented with suitable perks) Make money through whatever you got, like Slayer, GWD1/GWD2 bosses, and dailies, then start buying your gear Best runescape.wiki. Weapon Perks Gizmo 1 Gizmo 2 Notes Two- handed. Precise 6 Ruthless 1 Probability: 56.39%: Aftershock 4 Equilibrium 2 Probability: 29.55%: Chance of getting at least Aftershock 4 is 85.26%. Alternative combos for Precise 6, Ruthless 1 could involve: Precise 6, Invigorating 1 (62.53%) More Reviews ››. Visit Site The best RS3 Meele gear. Switch the fury with Saradomin's Whisper and Zerk ring with warriors ring. You also want a main hand Drygore mace because it got a nice prayer bonus. Monsters are weak to different melee, magic or range attack styles. Within melee, you have 3 styles: Crush, stab and slash. Mace=Crush, rapier = stab and longsword = slash

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  1. Rs3 best dual wield options. The best poisons not only deal damage but also stuns the enemy, perfect in combination with Coup de Grace! Lifegiver is a good option, but it costs alot and also better equipped on a tank companion. For the record, my dual-wielding Rogue deals about 50% of the party's damage throughout the game. Since you're melee and the tank is melee
  2. Max dps: void, max crit bonus, Nex boots+gloves. For ranged, dual ccbow or 2h zaryte. Murmur amulet, pernix boots+gloves, comp cape (or ava's alerter), imbued archer's ring. For mage, dual virtus (wand+book) and 2h cstaff. Arcstream, virtus boots+gloves, comp cape (or mage arena cape), imbued seer's ring
  3. Requires 45 and completion of The Fremennik Trials .The fighter hat from Barbarian Assault gives the same slash attack bonus, increases stab and crush attack, and also requires 45 , but has lower Defence bonuses . Amulet of torture. +15. The Amulet of glory gives a +10 bonus, but is significantly cheaper. Requires 75 Hitpoints to wear

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- rs3 best perks - Perks can be specific to a gizmo shell type or can be used in two or more gizmo shell types. It Magic Resistance. All other materials (including junk) take 1 material to occupy a slot. Reduces cooldown of Surge, Escape, Bladed Dive and Barge by 50%, but these abilities no longer generate adrenaline. Acts like a portent of life. Paired with a Lunging 3 switch, Dismember. Your ability bar will differ depending on what style of weapon you are using, but you can see a good 2H Magic bar above. Please note that the Surge ability on the far right is for movement purposes and is not needed. Strategy. Depending on the location you choose, gear up appropriately

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2. Rune 2h Sword. The Rune 2h (two-handed) Sword is one of the best KO weapons in F2P OSRS, used very commonly in PvP and sometimes for players that just want to look cool. The Rune 2h Sword also has pretty similar stats to the Hill Giant Club (which has crush bonuses instead of slash), and is much cheaper Pay-to-play Melee Training RuneScape Wiki Fandom. General training notes. Use the best equipment you have and a weapon that has a style the monster you are fighting is weak to. (For example, moss giants are weak to slash attacks so it is a good idea to attack them with weapons such as the abyssal whip or the dragon 2h sword rather than weapons using crush or stab)

Strongest two-handed weapon in the game outside of Dungeoneering unlock a vendor where you can check prices reviews! To enhance the weapon 's abilities pieces needed for the staff is level. 'S equipment ( 2M RS3 Gold ) 1 better Crush and Strength bonuses » Page you! The food excellent 10 hours of combat before degrading to my nox bow the Staffs rs3 dragon rider lance vs drygores. Maces are faster but do less damage per attack, while longswords and rapiers are slower but do more damage per attack. However, the lance could help you kill the clones. The base repair cost of the Noxious scythe when completely degraded to 0.0% item charge is 4,500,000 coins

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Posted January 18, 2014. Korasi's is the best non-degradable melee weapon. Armadyl battlestaff is the best non-degradable magic weapon. Hand cannon is the best non-degradable range weapon. Have fun. Runescape player since January 2005. Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum. Share this post Forums » PvM » Best Invention Perks for Dps + Tanking » » Page. This staff is the strongest two-handed weapon in the game outside of Dungeoneering. layouts that cannot are considered 'not working'. Sources: Disassembling a noxious staff at level 9 Type: Weapon/armor perk (best on armor) Effect: 6% chance to force a critical hit. hide dj promoter graphics . home; dj; graphics; contact; blo

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and gravite 2h is the best f2p weapon so far sconce it has the best bonus and and the highest hit in f2p Battleaxes are faster than warhammers and have similar stats. The reasons you just pointed out for Gravite 2h don't help in training as it is slow On the other hand, 2-handed weapons can be up to 50% better than a 1-handed weapon of the same tier when using abilities. This means that a 2h weapon 10 levels below a dual wield equivalent can often be better (e.g. Zamorak spear is better than dual Chaotic rapiers, Chaotic maul is better than dual drygore maces) The strongest mithril weapon is the 2h Sword. This weapon is quite slow so many people prefer scimitars, longswords or battleaxes. It's not just speed; it's also because using a 2h weapon prevents using a shield. Share this post. Link to post BEST way to level melee is to get full Dharok at NMZ and use a dwarven rock cake to get you down to 1hp then flick the regenerate health x2 prayer ON then back to OFF quickly to reset the thing so you stay at 1hp use overload potions and just st.. 1. Best melee dps build. I would like it not to be a sneak attack build or scordeo combo build, and the build should use weapons. 2.best 2h hander build. Same applies, not a sneak attack build and I would like it to be at least somewhat frontline. What interests me is class/multiclass, key skills and weapons

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The way it works is 2H tends to be better for group damage as most 2H weapon set ups get access to AoE abilities. While dual wielding is how you get the best single target damage in styles 2h weapons vs dual wield - better dmg? :: SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest General Discussions. Content posted in this community. may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Don't warn me again for SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be. you have to just sit there for 5 minuites, also make sure to have 10 more strength level. than you can wield it, example... if you have 40 attack and rune 2h, yuou need 50 strength to hold it with one hand, other than the bronze or iron. =) Posted: jun 19, 2008 3:59 pm. Best answer. Unregistered This melee training guide will help players train their combat skills from 1 to 99. The gude will explain the best Monster to kill at your level, along with providing advantages and disadvantages of training on each monster. This guide is written upon the basis that you train all combat skills up to the given level. The levels below refer to individual combat stat levels, not to overall combat. Basically the best, cheapest way to train invention (through combat that is) is using Augmented Black Salamanders. You'll need about 2 of these to level 5 to achieve level 27. At this point you'll be able to research Augmented level 10, do so. At this point it might be nice to try and get a few perks

I'm not a big pker, but I'm pretty sure the gravite 2h is considered the weapon to use. The strength amulet is used a lot too if I'm not mistaken. Maybe the Fist of Guthix shields with rune for armor. Some people might use the green dragonhide if they think they're going to go up against mages RuneScape. The best weapon to get at 50 attack. User Info: Dragoon171717. Dragoon171717 11 years ago #1. My strenght is 54 and atttack is 50. Once a gamer, always a gamer-Dragoon 171717. User Info: MagiaIce. MagiaIce 11 years ago #2. Rune scimitar (decent power, very fast), battleaxe (hits high very slow for a one handed weapon), 2hand (most.

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Some items have a Grand Exchange buying limit which restrict s to a certain quantity every 4 hours. High Alchemy is a level 55 magic spell used to convert items into coins, which yields up to 78k magic xp/h. (1 Alch every 3 seconds, 1200 casts per hour at 65 magic experience per cast) Please Note : No demand feature is available for RS3, as. RuneScape Best DPS Rotations Guide by Blaez_Knight More and more abilities are being added to RuneScape and just in a few weeks we will finally be able to make full use of them conveniently with additional ability bars. The bronze 2h sword is the weakest two-handed sword in Runescape Weapons are a vital part of combat in any video game and OSRS is no different. When RuneScape decided to activate the Evolution of Combat update, people noticed the striking contrast between how it works in both OSRS and RS3. In this OSRS and RuneScape Weapons preview, we will help make it easier to understand the way weaponry works in each version

RS3 Best melee setup that doesn't degrade? The damage of these attacks is based on the weapons equipped. Health Details: Melee. Tim. In general, players should always focus Swapping weapons mid-fight to make use of extra basics (and thresholds if melee) is a much better upgrade than just a flat t90 -> t92. RS3 Equipment & Weapons Melee weapons are more commonly used than other weapons available, because they do not require ammunition to use, unlike most Magic or Ranged weapons. Archived. A 2H scythe with 2011 Damage and 2458 Accuracy, this weapon is the best meele 2H in the game. The only downside is the sheer price of the armour The dragon spear, 2h, hatchet, claws, and pick have no quest reqs. However, dragon weapons suck compared to modern options. The sarad sword (not to be confused with the godsword), zam spear, and whip are far better options available to any returning player. Best weapon currently is probably the chaotic rapier, but it takes 80 dungeoning to wield Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Rogue Weapons Best Bow. The best bow is the Elgar'nan Enaste (schematic).It uses 2 less crafting materials than Hakkon's Wrath but has a special effect that makes basic attacks do additional fire damage in a small area around your target.. Keep in mind that to use this bow in the main game (and not just during Trespasser) you would need to find the schematic.

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In this ESO DPS Tier List Guide we are going to take a look at which class and setup is best suited for a damage dealer.The ESO DPS Tier List focuses on the usefulness of a class or setup while playing solo, dungeons or trials.. Elder Scrolls Online offers a huge variety in terms of build composition, there are plenty of skills and sets in the game that can increase your power A 2h sword is the most powerful of the basic weapons, but it is also the slowest. Furthermore, as its name suggests, the two-handed sword cannot be used with a shield . It may be a good secondary weapon for the Ranged fighter as his/her bow cannot be used with a shield anyway

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Some weapons in Old School RuneScape have special attacks available for them. There are many types of special attacks, from temporary boosts in stats, to strikes dealing extra damage.They are activated by the player by clicking on the special attack bar under the Combat Options interface. Hovering over the special attack bar will show a tooltip with the weapon's special attack's name and. The dragon 2h sword has a special attack, Powerstab, which consumes 60% of the player's special attack energy.When used in a multi-combat area, the attack hits all targets within 1 square of the player, including the one they are standing on; no more than 14 NPCs or three players can be hit at one time with this attack.However, there are no advantages when using this attack in a single-combat. The weapons of Statius Warhammer and Noxious Scythe in RS 3 now are so inefficient to use. I tried modelling the Noxious Scythe from the game RuneScape for practice. These components are best known for their ability to grant the Biting perk on gizmos, considered to be one of the most powerful and most expensive armour perks in the game

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Lesion, cuz its still one of the best weapons in game, I think my no forma build is still insane dps. Ninkondi cuz I'ma ninja! And they're actually kinda awesome. Hirudo cuz they're also awesome, no switching for heals! Cerata cuz its my go to glaive, even though I wish glaives where less clunky. Long reaching melee swish swish weapons are nice. rs3 best bosses to mage. You also need freeze spells like Entangle, but the best to use is Ice Burst, since you need to freeze two of the healers at once. Since 13 out of 15 Naxx bosses are undead, it stands to reason that the chest, wrist, and hands slots should have the UD set listed as well. Google Ads General training notes. Use the best equipment you have and a weapon that has a style the monster you are fighting is weak to. (For example, moss giants are weak to slash attacks so it is a good idea to attack them with weapons such as the abyssal whip or the dragon 2h sword rather than weapons using crush or stab)