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How many years ago was 1963? - 1963 was 58 years ago from today. To find out how long ago was 1963 in days or the exact year and date, see below. How long ago was 1963? 1963 was 21,001 days ago if we calculate from the last day December 31th, 1963 How many years ago was. January 1, 2019 - (Tuesday) 2 years 6 months and 2 days. January 2, 2019 - (Wednesday) 2 years 6 months and 1 day. January 3, 2019 - (Thursday) 2 years and 6 months. January 4, 2019 - (Friday) 2 years 5 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day. January 5, 2019 - (Saturday) 2 years 5 months, and 4 weeks General Hospital: Created by Doris Hursley, Frank Hursley. With Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco. Families, friends, enemies, and lovers experience life-changing events in the large upstate city of Port Charles, New York, which has a busy hospital, upscale hotel, cozy diner, and dangerous waterfront frequented by the criminal underworld For the period of 1963 to 2019, the age is 56 years approximately. For any other periods such as 1963 to 2018, 1963 to 2016, 1963 to 2014, 1963 to 2011, 1963 to 2006, 1963 to 2001, 1963 to 1991 etc, users are required to change the time value in the above calculator for the input field Until Nearly 50 years ago, UPDATE: April 22, 2019, 9:05 a.m. EDT: As of 4/20/2019, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography reports that CO2 ppm is now over 414 ppm

Year - Month - Day - Hour - Minute Counter How many days, hours and minutes are there between two dates and times. Time Menu. Full Year Reference Calendar - Day of the Year and Days left till the End of the Year. Add Number of Days, Months and/or Years to a Calendar Date Calculator. Day Counter How many days and/or weeks are there between two. Calculate how many years ago events in the Persian and Peloponnesian War took place - all 2500 years ago, more or or less. 2019/08/13 10:14 Female/Under 20 years old/Elementary school/ Junior high-school student/Very/ Purpose of use Find out when chopsticks were fist used 2019/08/08 19:36 Male/20 years old level/Others/Very/ Purpose of us The global population growth rate peaked long ago. The chart shows that global population growth reached a peak in 1962 and 1963 with an annual growth rate of 2.2%; but since then, world population growth has halved. For the last half-century we have lived in a world in which the population growth rate has been declining

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The year 1963 The year 1963 began more than 58 years ago on Tuesday, 01.01. 1963 and thus exactly 3,052 weeks or 21,364 days ago. With 365 days 1963 is a normal year and no leap year U.S. church membership was 70% or higher from 1937 through 1976, falling modestly to an average of 68% in the 1970s through the 1990s. The past 20 years have seen an acceleration in the drop-off, with a 20-percentage-point decline since 1999 and more than half of that change occurring since the start of the current decade For the period of 1962 to 2019, the age is 57 years approximately. For any other periods such as 1962 to 2018, 1962 to 2016, 1962 to 2014, 1962 to 2011, 1962 to 2006, 1962 to 2001, 1962 to 1991 etc, users are required to change the time value in the above calculator for the input field Until 1966 to 2019 How Many Years? For the period of 1966 to 2019, the age is 53 years approximately. For any other periods such as 1966 to 2018, 1966 to 2016, 1966 to 2014, 1966 to 2011, 1966 to 2006, 1966 to 2001, 1966 to 1991 etc, users are required to change the time value in the above calculator for the input field Until For the period of 1976 to 2019, the age is 43 years approximately. For any other periods such as 1976 to 2018, 1976 to 2016, 1976 to 2014, 1976 to 2011, 1976 to 2006, 1976 to 2001, 1976 to 1991 etc, users are required to change the time value in the above calculator for the input field Until

The year 2021 has 365 days and starts on a Friday. Years with same starting weekday and equal number of days to 2021. Year. Compared to year 2021. Since last. 1909 How many years ago was. January 1, 2013 - (Tuesday) 8 years 6 months and 3 days. January 2, 2013 - (Wednesday) 8 years 6 months and 2 days. January 3, 2013 - (Thursday) 8 years 6 months and 1 day. January 4, 2013 - (Friday) 8 years and 6 months. January 5, 2013 - (Saturday) 8 years 5 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day

How many years ago was 1963? - Online Calculato

1988 to 2019 How Many Years? For the period of 1988 to 2019, the age is 31 years approximately. For any other periods such as 1988 to 2018, 1988 to 2016, 1988 to 2014, 1988 to 2011, 1988 to 2006, 1988 to 2001, 1988 to 1991 etc, users are required to change the time value in the above calculator for the input field Until November 22nd 1963 was on a Friday and was in week 47 of 1963. How many months ago was November 22nd 1963? 691 months. How many weeks ago was November 22nd 1963? 3007 weeks. How many days ago was November 22nd 1963? 21052 days. How many hours, minutes and seconds ago? 505,246 hours 30,314,782 minutes 1,818,886,926 second 56 years later, see how JFK spent the night in Houston, hours before his assassination 2019 Updated: Nov. 21, 2019 4:11 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. 108. 1 of 108. Nov. 21, 1963, at. Chevrolet Impala. Not to be confused with Chevrolet Opala. The Chevrolet Impala ( / ɪmˈpælə, - ˈpɑːlə /) is a full-size car built by Chevrolet for model years 1958 to 1985, 1994 to 1996, and 2000 until 2020. The Impala was Chevrolet's popular flagship passenger car and was among the better selling American-made automobiles in the United. Holw Old am I in years, If you are born in ___ year How old I am in ____ year? WhatIsMyAgeToday.com. Hold old am I in years. How old would i be if i was born in ? if i was born in how old am i in . Tweet

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June 25th 2019 was on a Tuesday and was in week 26 of 2019. How many months ago was June 25th 2019? 24 months. How many weeks ago was June 25th 2019? 107 weeks. How many days ago was June 25th 2019? 746 days. How many hours, minutes and seconds ago? 17,892 hours 1,073,527 minutes 64,411,659 second 8) The marriage gap has widened over the past 50 years: This data comes from Pew: Marriage rates have fallen for all groups since the 1960s, but more sharply for blacks than for whites. In 1960. How many days ago was August 9th 2019? 686 days. How many hours, minutes and seconds ago? 16,441 hours. 986,472 minutes. 59,188,327 seconds

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150 weeks. How many days ago was August 19th 2018? 1047 days. How many hours, minutes and seconds ago? 25,117 hours. 1,507,034 minutes June 27, 2019. 0. In June, 1969, a large In its famous issue of June 27, 1969 — 50 years ago this week — Life presented Americans with the faces of their dead Past and future: You were 57 years old in 2020. You were 53 years old in 2016. You will be 59 years old in 2022. You will be 63 years old in 2026 Years Compared: 1963 to 2019. Change Years. Law School Enrollment. Summary Enrollment Admissions Standards Student Retention. Between 1976 and 2000, law schools steadily enrolled between ~40,000 and ~44,000 new students each year. From 1976 to 1987, the average was 40,973. From 1988 to 2000, the average was 43,497—a little over 6% higher When: About 11 to 15 years ago (published 1963-1967) During All-New X-Men, the original 5 X-Men are plucked from their time into the future. At this point, there are two timelines in existence; one where the X-Men continue their adventures, and one where they meet there future selves. This event occurs during Uncanny X-Men #8

Vacuum cleaners were invented in 1901 and redesigned in 1908 to include a bag that collects dust and dirt via suction. A vacuum cleaner in 1963. R. Riner/ Getty. The patent was sold to William Henry Hoover in 1908, who added changeable bags and other features to the design in the 1920s The differential is larger when looking across recent years with many minimum wage increases: Between 2013 and 2019, when 26 states and D.C. experienced at least one minimum wage increase, the 10th-percentile wage grew much faster in those states (and in D.C.) than in states without any increase (17.6% vs. 9.3%)

From the archives: 50 years ago: Mixed views about civil rights but support for Selma demonstrators By Andrew Kohut (1942-2015) Martin Luther King Jr. arrives in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 25, 1965, at the culmination of the Selma to Montgomery march Adam was created on day 6, so there were five days before him. If we add up the dates from Adam to Abraham, we get about 2,000 years, using the Masoretic Hebrew text of Genesis 5 and 11.3 Whether Christian or secular, most scholars would agree that Abraham lived about 2,000 B.C. (4,000 years ago). So a simple calculation is

2001: People run from the collapse of one of the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center, Sept. 11, 2001. (Photo: Suzanne Plunkett/AP) 2019: Eighteen years later, a modern subway hub on Fulton Street connects to the Oculus and World Trade Center, Sept. 3, 2019. (Photo: Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News) Each August and September, as summer fades into fall, Yahoo News photographer Gordon Donovan. Published Fri, Apr 26 2019 12:54 PM EDT Updated Fri, It's a useful tool if you want to go back in time to re-order something you bought years ago, to see how much you paid for something, or to. The population of many of the richest countries in the world have life expectancies of over 80 years. In 2019 the life expectancy in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia was over 83 years. In Japan it was the highest with close to 85 years. In the countries with the worst health life expectancy is between 50 and 60 years About Happy Happy Birthday Interesting and funny facts about your birthday.. Learn more about the day you were born. Simply enter your date of birth and discover exciting and fun facts about yourself and your birthday Years with same starting weekday and equal number of days to 2019; Year Compared to year 2019 Since last; 1901: 118 years before : 1907: 112 years before + 6 years: 1918: 101 years before + 11 years: 1929: 90 years before + 11 years: 1935: 84 years before + 6 years: 1946: 73 years before + 11 years: 1957: 62 years before + 11 years: 1963: 56.

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How many days since That's approximately months or years. Welcome to HowManyDaysSince.net! This site can quickly calculate how many days it has been since any date and today. Enter a month, day, year or any combination. Month. Day. Year. Go. Or use the calendar control March 2019: 19: March 2019: September 2019: 69: September 2019: March 2020: 20: March 2020: September 2020: 70: September 2020: 1963 to 1983. Number plates are in Years ago my dad built a car reg JAP232. Can any one give me the date please? 0. Reply. Mohammed Khiza 5 months ago January 22, 2019. Greetings; For many years I used to make an annual winter journey from my home in Sonoma County to a shop in Palo Alto (near Stanford University) called Common Ground, who sold a great variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds a very low cost - because they were sold entirely in bulk January 25, 2019 was 2 years, 5 months, and 6 days ago. January 26, 2019 was 2 years, 5 months, and 5 days ago. January 27, 2019 was 2 years, 5 months, and 4 days ago. January 28, 2019 was 2 years, 5 months, and 3 days ago. January 29, 2019 was 2 years, 5 months, and 2 days ago Sixty years ago, Berry Gordy set up the hit factory of Motown. Arwa Haider looks at how an independent record label created one of the most influential sounds of the 20th Century. On 12 January.

Just 30 years ago only about 30% of Americans owned any form of stock—now more than 50% do. There are a few reasons for the change. The rising popularity of index and mutual funds makes stock. At least 170 volcanoes in 12 States and 2 territories have erupted in the past 12,000 years and have the potential to erupt again. Consequences of eruptions from U.S. volcanoes can extend far beyond the volcano's immediate area. Many aspects of our daily life are vulnerable to volcano hazards,. The easy way to calculate a dog's age is to take 1 dog year and multiple it by 7 years. This is based on an assumption that dogs live to about 10 and humans live to about 70, on average. For example, a dog which is 5 years old is 35 human years.. This isn't a bad way to go from a health perspective because it helps us humans realize. Simple trick is If you would like to know when one calendar is going to be repeated follow below method Suppose if you would like to know the calendar which is same as 2018 2018 is a non-leap year so divide it by 4 reminder will be 2, so add 11 to.. Converting years into generations of humanity. The conversion to human generations is based on the 51 generations of the Imperial Family of Japan

8) The marriage gap has widened over the past 50 years: This data comes from Pew: Marriage rates have fallen for all groups since the 1960s, but more sharply for blacks than for whites. In 1960. This figure shows concentrations of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere from hundreds of thousands of years ago through 2019, measured in parts per billion (ppb). The data come from a variety of historical ice core studies and recent air monitoring sites around the world. Each line represents a different data source Jesus christ actually born 2016 years ago? Quora. One day about 2,000 years ago an angel named gabriel appeared to a young jewish woman mary. Explain that ev..

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  1. This is God's will.. On Jan. 1, 1963, Sidney quietly slipped away and was buried the next day on the western edge of the Assemblies of God Mission plot in Bawku where he had played as a child. The area presbyter, Abiwini Kusasi, said to those who were gathered there, Many years ago, when all of us Kusasis were in spiritual darkness.
  2. February 22, 2019 9:57 AM ET. Jay Hancock From . Sixty years ago, as now, policymakers wondered why Americans pay so much more for medicine than people elsewhere
  3. New homes are 47% larger than 40 years ago. Inflation, stagnant incomes, and statistical outliers are not the only reasons many people cannot afford to buy a home. Our taste for larger homes is also a significant player. In 2018, the median-sized new home was 781 square feet larger than 1978
  4. It would've cost $40,000 dollars. Considering the average home cost just over $31,000 in the late 1960s, if you were entering into the $40,000-range, your house was probably huge 50 years ago. For example, Realtor.com estimates that Don Draper's swanky suburban home on Mad Men would've cost $30,000 in 1960
  5. Well, since it's now 2018, it's 2517 years ago I'd say. Some might think 2518 but not at least not the way I count it. You have to remember that there is no year between 1AD and 1BC. That means that if you go back to the year 1AD, that's 2017 year..
  6. ant known as N-Nitrosodimethyla

How many years ago was 300 CE? 300 CE was 1,713 years ago, as of 2013 AD. The abbreviation of CE stands for Common Era and is a different way of saying AD, which is an abbreviation for Anno Domini May 30, 2019 May 30, 2019; 0; Thirty-five years ago, on May 31, 1984, the biggest death row escape in U.S. history happened in Virginia. Six death row inmates escaped from Mecklenburg Correctional. The turbo became an issue for Oldsmobile dealers and caused the experiment to end after just two model years. Only 3,765 Jetfires were sold in 1962 and 5,842 in 1963. Oldsmobile wound up cutting a deal with dissatisfied Jetfire owners that they could come in to have their engines converted from turbocharging to the standard 4-barrel carburetor setup, which many of them did, and which resulted. 5 Years Ago From Today was: July 15, 2016 (Today is July 15, 2021) Timeline. July 15, 2021-60 Months . July 15, 2016. 5 years . About a day: July 15, 2016. July 15, 2016 Was Friday (Weekday) This day is on 29 (twenty-ninth) week of year 2016 ; This is 197th (one hundred ninety-seventh) Day of the Year Cooking Dinner. According to a 1966 Los Angeles Times reader survey, the 10 tools most likely to be found in a kitchen of the time were a toaster, a coffee maker, a skillet, a waffle iron, a can opener, a hand mixer, a blender, a counter-top mixer, a knife sharpener and a carving knife. Even though countertop microwaves were introduced in 1967.

Imagine if, instead of heat this summer, we were faced with a sudden, dramatic cold front that lasted the next 100 years. That is what our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived through 11,000 years ago Life expectancy has risen from 48 years in 1963 to 60 in 2011, above the 56-year average for sub-Saharan Africa. But life expectancy in Kenya today is the same as it was in the mid-1980s, having.

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Record keeping also became more efficient than it was 50 years ago. After the US government allocated $19.2 billion to increase the use of electronic health records in 2009, digital notes have. In 2019 alone, the world lost nearly 11.9 million hectares of tree cover in the tropics and a further 3.8 million hectares in the tropical primary forests. Besides deforestation, natural factors such as Wildfires are also taking a toll on the total number of trees in the world Three years ago, I published a list of 50 things I'd like to do or spend more time doing in early retirement. Interestingly, many items on the list involve some sort of work. However, rather than working for a paycheck, the wishlist work involves activities to improve my mind, body, and soul The global average amount of carbon dioxide hit a new record high in 2019: 409.8 parts per million. The annual rate of increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past 60 years is about 100 times faster than previous natural increases, such as those that occurred at the end of the last ice age 11,000-17,000 years ago

Earth's atmosphere has changed profoundly since the first

Posted Thu 25 Jul 2019 at 1:02am Thursday 25 Jul 2019 at 1:02am, updated which was roughly the global population 100 years ago in 1919.. 2 years ago Reply to Mtncpa We have a real problem when so many will continue to support an organization that has done NOTHING of value for decades and squandered the finances into bankruptcy Just about everyone is tired of the Beatles. So read the first line of a story on page 1 of the Billboard magazine dated April 4, 1964, exactly 50 years ago today Updated Mar 07, 2019; Posted Apr 16, 2018 . The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote his 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' 55 years ago, in 1963. Fifty-five years ago, on April 16,1963, the Rev.

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The federal minimum wage is worth 17% less than it was 10 years ago. Figure A shows the real (inflation-adjusted) value of the minimum wage since it was established. Workers earning the $7.25 federal minimum wage 10 years ago were being paid the inflation-adjusted equivalent of $8.70 an hour in this year's dollars Joseph was born in 2068 BC, and became governor of Lower (Northern) Egypt in 2038 BC, when the 7 years of plenty started. The 7 year famine started in 2031 BC, and the family moved to Egypt after enduring 3 1/2 years of famine in Canaan. So the year was 2028 when the sojourn of Israel began. Jacob dies 17 years later, in 2011 BC How long ago was October 13, 2019? It was 1 year, 8 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day ago

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01 January 1963, Tuesday: 58 Years, 6 Months, 0 Days or 702 months, or 3052 weeks, or 21366 days, or 30767040 minutes, or 1846022400 seconds (approx.). 02 January 1963, Wednesday: 58 Years, 5 Months, 29 Days or 701 months, or 3052 weeks, or 21365 days, or 30765600 minutes, or 1845936000 seconds (approx.): 03 January 1963, Thursday: 58 Years, 5 Months, 28 Day Knowledge about past eruptions of Yellowstone combined with mathematical models of volcanic ash dispersion help scientists determine where and how much ashfall will occur in possible future eruptions. During the three caldera-forming eruptions that occurred between 2.1 million and 640,000 years ago, tiny particles of volcanic ash covered much of the western half of Nort Life expectancy grew from 64.8 years in 1990-1995 to 70 years in 2010-2015. The greatest increases were in the least developed countries, where life expectancy rose by 8.9 years. Still, too many women continue to die early - often from causes related to pregnancy or extreme poverty - a result of their lower status throughout the world. 1,3. 12 A time traveler from 2028 has come back to 2019 to show us what dinosaurs looked like 66 million years ago. He also reveals that we have known how to manipulate other dimensions since 1981 LG-GD910 (2009) vs LG Watch W7 (2019) Smartwatches have come a long way in the last 10 years. They were practically non existent a decade ago, and now we have the Apple Watch and Fitbits leading.

Homo sapiens migrated from East Africa in waves, around 7,000 years ago the species reached the southern coast of Asia then to Oceania 50,000 years ago and finally reached Europe forty thousand years ago. About 20,000 years ago, the northern Eurasian population migrated to the Americas. Canada and Greenland were inhabited 4,000 years ago while Polynesia was inhabited 2,000 years ago The yen for pouty lips was nothing new 50 years ago, but it was a change from the dominant lip look of the 1950s, which placed more importance on having a fuller lower lip. The following decade saw more emphasis on large lips, and advancing technology led to some people seeking out some pretty scary methods to achieve the look Both marriage and divorce rates in the United States declined from 2009 to 2019 but rates vary from state to state. In 2019, there were 16.3 new marriages for every 1,000 women age 15 and over in the United States, down from 17.6 in 2009. At the same time, the U.S. divorce rate fell from 9.7 new divorces per 1,000 women age 15 and over in 2009. February 22, 2019 9:57 AM ET. Jay Hancock From . Sixty years ago, as now, policymakers wondered why Americans pay so much more for medicine than people elsewhere


So, AD is now just a Year Number (every New Year we add 1), and it only roughly equals how many years ago that Jesus Christ was born. 2000 AD or AD 2000 Should AD be written before or after the number? It WAS common to write it before (the standard was to put AD before the year and BC after), but now many people put AD after the year number News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel But the white share of the U.S. population has been dropping, from a little under 90% in 1950 to 60% in 2018. It will likely drop below 50% in another 25 years. White nationalists want America to.

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If you bought $100 worth of Ethereum in April 2020, your 0.62 ETH would be worth about $1,324 today. That's not quite the upgrade the earliest crypto investors have seen -- Ethereum has grown. Check what you were Searching and YouTubing 10-years-ago with Google's data Madiha. Google, Internet, news, Search, Social-Media, Technology, YouTube. Are you ready to take a trip 10-years down the road? If you are still not getting the good vibes of New Year or just wondering what you must do, then here is a tip for you. Go check out what. Exactly 56 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was scheduled to give a speech to the Democratic Party aimed at unifying the nation during a time of conflict and division 65 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp. 5 billion searches are made. By 2025, it's estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally - that's the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs per day! If you think the above information is fascinating, see what happens in an internet minute. Tweet The company is expected in 2020 to make $2.39 a share on an adjusted basis, up more than 5,000% from 2019. And even including all charges, analysts think Tesla will make $1.29 a share or $1.3 billion

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Five percent of the electricity generated in Connecticut came from renewable sources in 2019. Two years ago, the state expanded its renewable energy standard to require that utilities get 40. Thanks to persistent conservation efforts across Africa, black rhino numbers have doubled from their historic low 20 years ago to between 5,042 and 5,455 today. August 29, 2019.

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30 years ago Cameron Miller, actor (Portrait of Claire), dies at 82. 30 years ago Kevin O'Connor, actor (Bogie), dies of cancer at 56. 25 years ago Leo Nichols, businessman, honorary consul and longtime friend of Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, dies at 65. 25 years ago Salah Abou Seif, film director, dies at 81 Lother 11 year s ago You forgot my lovely wife of 31-years; Grace. You forgot my lovely daughter, Gloria; who was a Staff Sergeant in the U. S. Air Force, Stationed in Korea

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The Day the Music Burned. It was the biggest disaster in the history of the music business — and almost nobody knew. This is the story of the 2008 Universal fire. Chuck Berry, 1958. Credit. Here it is August of 2019, and he has cashed the check. 2.5 years later.. I called my bank and they said it was their discretion to reject it or cash it. Since there was money in the bank, they cashed it. I haven't spoken to my son in 1.5 years, (his choice) Just a couple of years ago I had a big argument with a. Animation: The 20 Largest State Economies by GDP. When it comes to understanding the size and scope of the $18 trillion U.S. economy, it's sometimes easier to consider that it's the sum of many parts.. Many states already have economies that are comparable to some of the world's largest countries, giving you a sense of what they might be combined diagnosed many years ago and have no current evidence of cancer. How Many New Cases and Deaths Are Expected to Occur in 2019? More than 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2019 (Table 1). This estimate does not include carcinoma in situ (noninvasive cancer) of any sit Generally, you must file Form 1040X within three years from the date you filed your original tax return or within two years of the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.. Right now, you can amend your tax returns for 2014, 2015 and 2016. After April 15, 2018, you can no longer amend your 2014 tax return

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March 20, 2019. 0. Sixteen years ago today, on March 20, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq. After a months-long propaganda campaign the likes of which the country had never seen, a majority of. Stephen Webster November 8, 2019 E- logs are the problem receivers fines for being late lack of parking and low wages are the main reasons for more accidents. In 2005 a study was done in Canada Women won the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was ratified 100 years ago on August 18, 1920. Voting is one of America's most cherished democratic liberties, and it has a long and storied.

04-17-2014 12:36 AM. Instead of depending on someone else to do the work for you (eBay), I suggest that you start now to do it yourself. File menu > Save Page As Do that for all your purchases that are still available for viewing, so that you will have them available to access when you need them in 2019. Message 3 of 7 Exit Full Screen. It's been two years since an ambulance rushed Demi Lovato to the hospital after an apparent drug overdose. And she's made some major changes since then. On July 24, 2018, Lovato. Mercy Corps: What you need to know about global hunger. Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases. This is more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. UN Food and Agriculture Organization: 1.02 billion people hungry 20 June 2019, 00:01 UTC. Forty years ago, Afghans began fleeing the violence in their country and seeking refuge across nearby borders. More than 400,000 people fled the violence of the Communist-led Taraki and Amin government, crossing over into Pakistan. The numbers progressively swelled after the Soviet invasion on Christmas Eve in 1979 Just 30 years ago, there were 622 complete games, roughly four every day. There were 42 all of last year, despite there being four more teams in the league (and thus 648 more pitcher starts)

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