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With those I'm closest to I'd say, I actually feel worse today. or I think I might need to be hospitalized. Whether intentional or unintentional, there is a cultural expectation when someone asks how you are doing to respond with, Fine or Good, how are you? But when you are sick, the response is less obvious I'm good. — You can shorten this to good if you're feeling relaxed. Or lazy. Although it's used a lot in modern English, some people still consider this phrase (as an answer to How are you?) grammatically incorrect. Pretty good — This was actually the catchphrase of a popular American comedian so you can use them interchangeably in everyday conversation. The small difference is that the present continuous How are you feeling today? is a little bit more formal. You can use it more with people that you are not so familiar with, or at work or school. How do you feel today is for your everyday friends, people who you see all the time Now I've got confirmation that there're two possible ways to express the same idea. As a non-native English speaker, I'd prefer to use How are you feeling now? since I'm asking the current physical conditions of the other person, which could easily change in a few hours

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  1. How are you? 1 You want to give a standard answer and not tell the person how you really feel. I'm well. Thankyou. Fine, Thanks. 2 A positive heathy answer. I'm fine/well. I'm good, thanks. Great! 3 A negative unhealthy answer. Not so good. I'm a bit under the weather (tired and feeling ill). I feel ill. I don't feel well. 10 Common.
  2. d recently? As Fetters, The Atlantic writer, put it, this question suggests openness to a deeper conversation.. You might also follow up on a worry or concern they've mentioned before, and check in on how they're feeling about it now, she added. 5
  3. Here, person A uses the question How are you? as a standard greeting. It's customary to respond, but it's not always necessary. In this case, person B decides to respond with I'm well. Notice that he uses the adverb well as a modifier for the verb to be (which becomes I'm).. This is grammatically the most correct way to respond, but as we'll see later, it's not the only way
  4. Similarly you could reply with, 'Fine like the shining sun right now' or 'Fresh as this breeze'. State the obvious around you. Given that so many of us live with nose to the grindstone, stating a fact about your surrounds might not be what they are expecting - and you could enlighten them about the world

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  1. Response to how are you feeling. I get the question How are you feeling probably every single day from friends, family, acquaintances. I know this is a good thing, and it's nice to know that people care about me, but I don't feel like they really want to hear how I am really feeling. You can tell someone your symptoms for that day.
  2. Fine is an acronym for Feelings I'm Not Expressing. Don't say it. 2. Great! Weak. Here's why: First, good was good enough. Then great was good enough. Now, great isn't that.
  3. 150+ Funny and Witty Answers to the Question How Are You? Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping infinite information, and reveling in entertainment and fun. Best How Are You? Answers. Hello, how are you? It would be easy to answer that question with a simple I'm fine, thank you.
  4. Here you are posting for the world to know. You are getting a delay response but it is from people who have time to listen and appreciate your thoughtful post. Thank you Sylvie for explaining so well what it is like to have to find an answer to how are you when you are going through treatments, not feeling well and wanting to lash out
  5. Corona Survey: How are You Feeling Now? Along with a colleague, Dr. Diane Schiano, I am conducting a brief survey to find out how people are feeling now in comparison with how they were feeling prior to the corona pandemic. It is an informal survey, not a strictly scientific study, but it could provide some interesting and useful information.
  6. Did you ever think that when people ask how your are feeling, they really want to know? I don't think it is pity. People are always asking me how I am feeling. When I am not in chemo, I am feeling fine and I tell them. Then they go to my husband and ask him how I am really feeling. We make a joke of it

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It is so hard to to say you feel fine, when you really don't. There is a joke between my Mom and I nowshe calls everyday to see how I am (she really wants to know how I am), but I HATE complaining everyday, so I say do you want to the truth or a lie, she usually wants the truth When you respond to the question How are you? you should also consider the person's feeling of asking you. How to Respond to How Are You? in a Festive Atmosphere? When you're asked, how are you? by someone, and you're in a good mood, or you're either celebrating something, you can respond to the person truthfully How are you answers just that: how you are. It is used when someone wants to know how you are feeling, not necessarily what is going on in your life. It has more of an emotional sentiment attached to it. So, you might ask this to someone when they look sad, or you know they are having a tough time, or maybe even just to be nice and check up on. Yes, I agree it can be difficult to explain. Yours are good answers. I just usually say pretty good, rather than trying to explain. Not so straightforward a question to answer, if you are unsure. A good rule of thumb is if you are unsure this person can be trusted with your intimate secrets and/or you just feel uncomfortable, don't feel obliged to offer more than a cursory response. This means give a polite non-answer that makes it clear you want this topic of conversation shut down

Like you, but better. I could really go for a massage. Much better now that you are with me. Not so well; So far, so good! I'm pretty standard right now. Happy and content, thank you. Going great. Hope this status quo persists for rest of the day. Well enough to chat with you if you wish to How are you feeling? Do you still have a fever? Gary, do you realize that small pox is a deadly disease? It's hardly the type of thing you ask about casually. If someone has a very serious illness, you don't expect it clear up in a couple days. You don't need to even mention what the disease is - the person will certainly remember what it is.

We asked how you're holding up: 13 responses that will make you feel less alone So many of us are struggling right now -- and these submissions prove it. Michelle Ganley, Digital Content Team. If I were to ask you, How are you today?, the overwhelming majority of you would say, I'm fine. Our society has trained us to think that is the right answer. But when you think about that response, it has little meaning. I believe that when someone asks How are you today?, they are looking for a way to start a conversation How to reply to how are you feeling now How to Answer How Are You in formal and informal ways with ESL image. Learn these responses the question how are you to improve your English speaking skill. Learn more useful English greetings with 30 ways to say Hello. How to Answer How Are You 50 ways to respond to the question how are you

Unless you feel so sick that you can't function at work, I suggest that you put a smile and your face and fake it. You can also say, I'm doing ok, thanks for asking, or something non-committal. I guess you need to think about what it is you are wanting as a response from others. If you don't want them to focus on you or ask a bunch of questions. 2) I feel great—today I _____! When life gives me something to celebrate, I want to celebrate it! I don't have to launch into a long story about something that's going particularly well in my life, but if someone I know (this can be a bit much for a new friend) asks me how I am when things are looking up, it's a wonderful feeling. The best way to respond to Just checking on you depends on what feels worth it to you to share. If there's been a lot going on in your life and you could stand to let someone in on it.

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  1. You will feel good and the person you're talking to will feel good. If both parties feel good, then you'll probably have a good conversation you'll both enjoy. When it comes to how to answer How are you, know that enthusiasm in an answer will always make you stand out as a person. 2. Better Than Good!
  2. gle! ( This line never gets old.) Thank god you finally noticed me! *wink wink*. I have never been so strong
  3. Some days I feel better than others, but some days I really do not. I know there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to accept it and move on. Yes, right now, I am doing better than I have in a long time, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm constantly in pain. And yes, I smile through chronic pain. Yes, I laugh through chronic.
  4. 6. It's not just what you say. No matter what or how much you say, your tone of voice, facial expression and eye contact will broadcast so much more. In person, look at the other person when you.
  5. If you reply: I'm just peachy, then you might make the other person laugh. But use it! It's a good phrase to use instead of I'm fine. I Feel Great! If you are feeling great about your life, there are some ways to express this. You want to say more than just I'm fine, so let's look at some ways to express that in English. I feel great.
  6. Reply to Day after the debate, how are you feeling? (Not how are you voting) Subject: Message bod

You might also follow up on a worry or concern they've mentioned before, and check in on how they're feeling about it now. However you choose to start your conversations during quarantine. How to appropriately respond when with our family members right now than anyone else. but to earnestly show interest in how others are feeling. And if you really don't have time or.

Could you tell me what the difference between 'how are you feeling?' and 'how do you feel?'. Actually, the original question requires students to ask a question according to the answer. We are ( happy ). Then my answer is 'how are you feeling?'. But the teacher said I'm wrong. Pay attention please! the 'you' here is concrete. Because the question has a solid form as ' __ ___ you ___?' Here's the nice thing - when you are with friends and family, you can tell the truth! If you are talking to people who care about you, you can tell them that you've had a bad day, or that you feel tired. One thing you still shouldn't do is answer with a complete description of some medical problems you are having It can be personal and you might offend someone if you ask about it in the wrong way. Today we'll show you exactly how to open up the topic of health in American English and the right phrases to do it without offending the person or making them feel uncomfortable

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I'm doing a bit better than before, but not nearly as well as I'm going to be. 4. I'm feeling blessed! 5. I have a pulse, so I must be doing alright. 6. Better than some, but not as well as others. 7. Doing fairly well, unless you have some airborne disease and are about to infect me When someone you don't know well asks this question, even if you are feeling sick you are expected NOT to be honest and instead say things like: Fine, thanks. How are you? I'm good. How about you? I'm okay, thanks. Here is an important exception to this rule: When your doctor asks you how you are, be honest If you're neither great, nor bad, in French you might be like this, like that. Comme ci, comme ça is a fun way to let the person you're chatting with know that things are going okay. 5. Pas mal - Not bad If you'd like to be a little vaguer in your response, or perhaps a little more down to earth, you can reply with pas mal.

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#1 You can say Yes, I'm fine, thanks, even if you're not OK, and be done with it. #2 You can be honest about how you feel and open up to someone who may not really want to hear about. Sure, technically I didn't remember. But, I cared enough to want to remember, and that's what matters.. 2. Ask about an area of life that they care about . Perhaps you can't think of something specific to ask about (and you just now learned of awesome tip #1 above) and if you're reaching out to a friend, presumably you have some idea of what they care about How do you respond to your ex saying, I love you His text messages to you are his way of feeling you out. He is like a hunter, trying to track you down. How do I now respond if he asks about my kids do I just say good and carry along or as I used to babble about them? One of my traits he loved was that I used to talk to him a lot.

How are you? is probably the most common question you'll be asked in English. Go beyond the simple answers and learn to express your physical and mental st.. Now, this doesn't mean I am successful every day focusing on the present, but I am mindful it is my intention. (Isn't that half the battle?) So, if we ever have a call or meet in real life, and you ask me how I'm doing, I will likely respond that I'm OK today. Imagine now if that became the default response for all of us

A shorter, higher-pitched I'm fine with a smile will mean you actually are okay. If you sigh, say it slowly and use a lower tone of voice, I'm fine could mean the opposite—you aren't fine at all. Let's look at an example of how fine has a somewhat negative meaning, in a different situation: Sally: Oh, sorry We have you covered. How are you doing right now?. That's the question I've been defaulting to on the phone, over text, and over Zoom chats during this time of ballooning, Covid-19. When somebody says that they are just peachy, it means they are great, good, fine, dandy, excellent, wonderful and so on. If somebody says to you I'm just peachy you can respond to this person in various ways, such as: Glad to hear it. Great, I'm happy for you. I'm glad you are feeling better. Fantastic

Write it out. A ton of science shows writing about your emotions will help you feel better and think more clearly. David suggests taking 20 minutes to write out your feelings whenever you're. Every time I pass people on the street, they are talking about the same thing: the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems to be top of mind for everyone. As always, I'm wondering: how are you feeling? Right now, for our family, life feels ominous but semi-normal. Toby and Anton are still going to public school I hear you, Arwen, and I want you to know that as dark as it might seem right now, you're not alone. You will get through this. Please immediately call your emergency hotline if you feel in danger of hurting yourself or others (if you're in the US, it's 911) Now, here are some ways you can answer How are You in German. Just as it's important for you to know the questions, you should know how to answer them as well. So, here are some common responses. I'm good, thank you, and you? (formal) Mir geht es gut, danke, und Ihnen? Good, thanks! Gut, danke Now that you know the different ways to say how are you in Korean, it's a great time to get out there and get some practice! And pick up some other Korean phrases while you're at it! With these phrases, you can also practice and create your sentences

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Maybe you just graduated and are open to living in multiple cities. Or don't consider yourself particularly tied down to your location. Or are so eager to land this job you'd do anything to get it. Congratulations, you're in a great position to respond to this question with an enthusiastic yes You feel like you owe the other person gratitude when they thank you. Your feeling of vulnerability is also the one to blame why you act this way. You think that you are in debt to the person who just thanked you, which is as crazy as it sounds now that you think about it. 3. Discountin 40 Other Ways To Ask How Are You in English. How Are You! The list below shows different ways to ask How Are You in English that you can use in your daily English conversations. Learn more with useful phrases to introduce yourself in English How are you, really? I am proud to stand with @kennethcolereal and The Mental Health Coalition, to end the stigma against mental health conditions. It is important, now more than ever, that we come together to promote acceptance and inspire hope. Together, and only together, we can make a difference in millions of lives If you are twisted up inside with a major conflict in your life right now and are desperate for good council, consult this book before you do something rash that you will regret. I promise, you will be so glad that you took the time to cool off and seek God with this book. John offers real answers, not smoke and mirrors

Thank you for sharing this, like you I haven't been properly in touch with my father for a long time since I was 6 or so but have known of him and vice versa, but I have found out tonight that he has passed away from Covid 19, and surprisingly it has broken me, I thought I wouldn't be sad about someone I lost a long time ago but it hurts just a much as if I had seen him yesterday And you know what, you would be right. Your Performance Review must be honest if it is to achieve two things; 1) a critical look at your performance, both good and bad, to identify gaps in your skills, knowledge and capabilities; and 2) it must identify genuine areas for improvement, investments and specific interventions, allied with goals and. 27 Busy, can't talk right now. You can use this message even when you're not busy. It's a way to brush the person off, and it gives you enough time to express that you don't feel the same way. However, it does this in the nicest way possible

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That's why you're a tired mom Normally, the term hyper vigilance is used in clinical settings. In this post. I'm using the term to draw a parallel to parenting.. So, for parents, hyper-vigilance is basically being in a heightened state of awareness, fight-or-flight and protection mode on behalf of our children who are too young to do it for themselves properly, if at all How Are You Feeling? Surveys Aim to Detect Covid-19 Hot Spots Early. Scientists have persuaded Britons and Israelis to fill out questionnaires about their health, to get ahead of the coronavirus. How to respond: I'm feeling ok, thanks for asking. One exception to this: if you were recently ill and the other person knows this, they will ask How are you feeling?. In this case they are asking for an update on your illness. You can respond, I'm feeling much better, thank you! And if you don't share in the context of a program like this, just make sure that the person you're talking to is someone who can respond with sensitivity to your rough week answer. They.

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Reply to Black people - how are you feeling right now? Subject: Message body. Emoticons: More smilies: Text Color: Font: Close Marks : Options; Disable HTML in this message: Disable BB Code in this message: Disable smilies in this message Review message; Search. I would feel happy and jolly if I wasn't at my boring depressing school. Reply. Cassandra now that you've asked something that couldn't be more generic. Reply. Shaun Medha Sree says: December 16, 2020 at 5:32 am. Good until I saw you. Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are. 11. I hope you're feeling back to your positive self soon!. For the person who's always ready to help out, let them know that they'll feel more like themselves in no time. 12. It's been tough around here without your help. I hope you feel better soon!. It's nice to know that one's hard work is appreciated From now on any time someone asks how you are you have to respond with lyrics from a song. How are you? Close. 55. I feel tired now but I feel wired later on in my bed Feel like I have just been living in my head So I've been paying double rent I feel like cleaning up this clutter and this mess You look so good, but how are you really feeling? It's hard for us to respond to comments like, You look so good (or the always dreaded, But you don't look sick) because we know that you're just trying to be nice. If we respond truthfully with, Thanks, but I feel awful, you might be embarrassed or think we're being ungrateful

Whatever you do, just make sure you don't diminish the other person's experience or make it all about you. Instead, focus on sharing your feelings to help you better connect with theirs. Here are some examples of what this could sound like: Wow. I don't know what to say. I can't imagine what you must be going through How wonderful that you have let go, moved on, and are now clearly experiencing the relationship you deserve. Suzie Cheel 5 years ago Reply This makes me sad and at the same time I feel so blessed, i grew up in a loving home and have always attracted loving relationships Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word List. Here is the list of adjectives to describe feelings and emotions in English. Comfortable. Providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief. Amazed. Filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise. Fortunate. Having unexpected good luck. Optimistic

If they really like someone, well, take this guy 's word for it: After reading a text from a girl, I'm like, 'Just play it cool, man, just take it easy. You don't have to respond right. Depending on your work, your boss may require a doctor's note. If your friend calls, you might be a bit more informal to talk about how bad you feel. For example: I'm as sick as a dog. (This means really sick) I hurt all over. I feel like crap. Now you have 41 different ways to help you talk about feeling sick English Cut To The Chase. Keep it concise, direct, and to the point. Don't include feelings or extraneous information. This is a business email, meaning you should become the Raymond Carver of the form. Learn how to ask how someone is doing by learning the signs for How are you You can use Va meglio? when you know someone was sick or had a problem and want to know if they're now doing better. It can be used in both formal or friendly situations. These are the most common forms of how are you? in Italian. Now, let's take a look at how you can answer these questions, so you're not caught off guard

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Don't worry about this for now though, you'll be learning plenty more about it soon! So now you've asked, 'How are you?' you're going to want to be able to reply! Today we're just going to learn how to say 'I am ok' and 'I am good', but if you want to learn some more replies then please check out Lesson #90 The next time someone asks how you are, consider it a trick question. Do not respond with a one-word answer like good or fine. You can start with small talk, but don't talk about the. And so you feel as if the inquirer really isn't interested, which leaves you feeling sorry that you answered honestly. Children, on the other hand, are curious, perceptive, and non-censoring

Here are 8 tips to be empathetic to our friends, colleagues and family. Put yourself in the person's shoes. It's easy for us to comment and judge. We can say This is no big deal or I don't see why you feel this way or You're over-reacting.. However, put yourself in the person's shoes and walk a mile Our family appreciates your thoughts right now. If you have a professional relationship with the well-wisher or you're just barely an acquaintance, there are several ways to respond appropriately. All you have to do is juggle the words as needed to fit the circumstance. 17. It was so wonderful to hear from you, especially right now 1. Allow yourself to feel angry. You may think you need to cover negative feelings with positive ones. You don't. You're entitled to feel whatever you need to feel. We all are. 2. Make a conscious choice to sit with the feeling. Oftentimes when I'm angry I feel the need to act on it, but later I generally wish I'd waited

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Other times it's profiles that are somewhat decent but that I just don't think I'll have a connection with that I sometimes still feel the urge to tell them how the profile could be better. I think it comes from spending too much time perusing this page and all the profile reviews lol A common response to the feelings question is anxiety or, worse, a sense you're doing something wrong if you're not sure what the feeling is. Suddenly, it may feel like you're being. The trauma you've experienced from covert emotional and psychological abuse has caused long lasting effects on your body and brain. In order to heal from abuse, it's important to understand how this has affected your thoughts, feelings, healing, and everyday responses to life I am much better now, thank you. I'm getting better, but I'm still a bit tired. For daily English language lessons and tips, like our Learn English Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , or. If you like this lesson, there are 29 more inside the 30 Days of Intonation program. Over the course of a month, you'll learn a variety of intonation patterns on useful words, phrases, and expressions so that you can feel more confident about the way you're communicating your meaning in English

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3. They Make You Feel Bad for Feeling Bad. Guilt-tripping . Gaslighting . Call it whatever you want, but when your partner constantly makes you feel bad for feeling bad, it's time to move on. One of the problems with dating someone who's emotionally immature is that the relationship always ends up being about them You use it when you know someone was sick or had a problem and want to know if they're now doing better. A possible answer would be ça va mieux (I'm feeling better) or pas terrible (not great). The concerned how are you You can use comment tu te sens to ask a friend who was feeling sick or maybe a little depressed. Hello Kaycee, I am so sorry you are finding yourself in such a terrible situation. I know how you feel. The thing is though that you actually in the last stretch of the narcissistic rage. You almost made it through. You fought your battles, you showed her she can't mess with you without consequences. Now all she can do is play mind games The answer you blurt out on impulse is unlikely to be the best response, and you'll kick yourself later while mulling over the things you wished you had said. So the biggest thing you can do to improve your responses to difficult questions is to buy yourself more time to come up with answers 2. Give your feelings space and time to change. If numbness isn't negatively affecting your life or relationships, allow it to run its course. Let your system to adjust to the shock. Maybe now isn't the right time to focus on healing the emotional pain after losing someone you love

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I went to reply and this is what sat at the bottom of the page: Option 1.I'm doing great!. This is exclamation-point-level great. Now, if you ask How are you doing? and I email back I'm doing great! with nothing else, no explanation whatsoever, it expresses: Something special is going on. Very special Get out as fast as you can. Reply. Eileen marquez, los angeles October 28, common sense,call upon the Lord for help and read as much Torah as possible,all of the answers are right there if you really dig in.Now more than ever i feel G-d watching over me,some days are better than others of course but with at least trying i feel an instant. Here are a few ways you can answer, depending on what you're passionate about and just how relevant it is to the job you want. 1. When Your Passion Is Directly Related to Work. Maybe you're a software engineer who spends all of your spare time working on a coding side project. Or you're applying for a content strategist role and also run. You are probably making the guy feel overwhelmed and if you are confessing feelings for him, you may be light years ahead of him with your feelings. Texting is okay for Good morning. See you soon. Not okay for Even though we've only been dating for two days, you can't possibly imagine how much I am in love with you and want to have your babies Instead of telling you how my family is doing OK during the coronavirus crisis, I wanted to share with you how our family is being negatively impacted by the coronavirus. I'll then provide another update one year into the pandemic. From going through a logical exercise on how to predict a stock market bottom to providing suggestions on how to better work from home, I have been accused of being.

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However you're feeling about the breakup, there are four pieces of advice I want you to remember. Let's take a look at those before I get into how to respond to an ex asking how you are. Don't just ignore the message. A lot of advice online suggests that you ignore the message no matter what What I've noticed now is I feel like I have PTSD from that particular side effect. How are you feeling now? Reply Link. Sarah August 27, 2018, 6:39 am. OMG Sarah! I just read your post and had to reply. I am going through the same thing now! I was going through a severe flare from my Fibromyalgia, and was having worse intense pain, migraines.

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1. Respond positively with bien. The term bien means well. You can use the term on its own to answer that you are well, but it is also commonly used as part of a phrase. Pronounce the term, bee-ehn. Je vais bien is an extended response meaning, I am doing well. Très bien means very well Being new to this or any message board I am not quite up to speed on just how they are supposed to work;it was nice to see you respond to me Thanks! just an update on me..I reduced the pred from 15 mg to 10 and guess what? starting to see more p in my hands so I just went back up to 15 but it is now every other day so will wait and see..the.