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  2. 20 things you won't believe happened 20 years ago. It's 1996 and Oasis played Maine Road - and the year we also saw a royal divorce, girl power, Jarvis Cocker baring his bum, and cloned sheep hit.
  3. Fleet Street folklore has it that the launch of Today exactly 20 years ago this weekend was so accident-prone that the paper should probably have been staffed by stuntmen rather than journalists
  4. 25 things that happened 20 years ago that will make you feel ancient. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Twitter. A ghost. Snapchat. The letter P styled to look like a thumbtack pin. Pinterest
  5. 30 years ago Cameron Miller, actor (Portrait of Claire), dies at 82. 30 years ago Kevin O'Connor, actor (Bogie), dies of cancer at 56. 25 years ago Leo Nichols, businessman, honorary consul and longtime friend of Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, dies at 65. 25 years ago Salah Abou Seif, film director, dies at 81
  6. Today, your mobile phone is likely never more than an arm's reach away, but 20 years ago things were quite different. According to a study by The Office for National Statistics (UK), in 2000, only 47% of households in the UK had a mobile phone, and unlike the ones we own today, they were very limited on what they could do, mostly restricted to SMS texting and calling
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20 years ago today... Robbie Williams broke a million hearts, when he officially said goodbye to Take That. Robbie announced his departure on this day in July 1995, but the writing had been on the. July 20 Events (150 years ago today): 1871 - British Columbia. joins the confederation of Canada. Births (100 years ago today): 1921 - Henri Alleg, English-French journalist and author (d. 2013) Births (50 years ago today): 1971 - Charles Johnson, American baseball player; July 2

'We're doing jobs that didn't exist 20 years ago' it's easier than ever to share your calling card and that's exactly how today's Manish manages solar farms across the UK 30 things we all used to do 30 years ago that we don't do as often today! Using public phone boxes, paying by cheque, browsing Yellow Pages - and 27 other things we don't do as often today nechronicl

At dawn on July 14, a great crowd armed with muskets, swords, and various makeshift weapons began to gather around the Bastille. Launay's men were able to hold the mob back, but as more and more. It was 20 years ago today. Post. by paddyboy » Sat May 29, 2021 2:05 pm. Hi Peeps. No, not when Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. I know where me and SWMBO were on this day 20 years ago. At Air Fete 2001, as we were later to discover, the final event. It was a pale shadow of previous offerings, imho, and a corporate tie-up meant even the. It was 20 years ago today. In July 1985, Live Aid brought relief to famine-hit Africa. Now, Live8 aims to force permanent change through political initiatives. Meera Selva finds life in Ethiopia. Relationship to Diabetes. Type 2. Jun 26, 2021. #4. Inspiring @eggyg live your best life, what a wonderful attitude x. Diagnosed with type 2 in April 2020. Weight in April 2020 - 12st 10lb, BMI 32. Current weight - 8st 2lb, BMI 21.5. Metformin reduced to 1 x 500 per day in Jan 2021

20 things you won't believe happened 20 years ago

  1. Twenty-years ago today, on March 28, 1992, in Philadelphia, PA, Kentucky and Duke squared in off in an Elite Eight match-up often referred to as the greatest game ever played. Perhaps the most.
  2. Cost was a major factor in our thinking then, as now. Yet while today's doctors have to keep an eye on budgets, 20 years ago it was the cost to patients that used to have a greater impact in.
  3. The Office UK was such a success that it spawned the more successful American version that ran from 2005 to 2013 on NBC, plus countless imitators. Twenty years ago today, the doors of Wernham Hogg paper merchants in Slough opened for the first time, says Tom Nicholson in introducing his oral history

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The BBC's centrepiece was of course 2000 Today, a mammoth 28-hour marathon broadcast from 9:15am on Friday 31st December 1999 (New Year's Eve) to 1:30pm on Saturday 1st January 2000 (New Year's Day). I know Gaby Roslin was there for the whole thing amazingly, and it was a huge event for me, just full of excitement Twenty years ago today, the doors of Wernham Hogg paper merchants in Slough opened for the first time. In the span of five years, Gervais and Stephen Merchant's creation went from a no-budget. Posted March 26 (edited) The weird thing is that I have a much easier time believing WCW closed 20 years ago than I do believing it's spiritual successor TNA hit its peak about 15 years ago. I barely reacted to WCW actually dying, it had been dead to me for ages Re: It was 20 years ago today. Brilliant post Paddy mate! Where has all that time gone. Good to see these have brought back so many memories for a lot of people! We should organise a reunion booze up/barby on John's field to commemorate the Fete. Definitely up for that anytime

While overseas wrestlers had made countless tours over the years, this was likely the first time a performer was flown to the UK for a single date. Even with the £20 ($40) ringside tickets, which may well have been the highest-priced in UK history at the time, the event appeared to have been a big money-loser Twenty years ago today Oxford United played their last ever game at the Manor Ground.The U's ended their 86 year stay at their old ground with a 1-1 draw against Port Vale, Andy Scott scoring the goal in front of 7,080 people.Communications Manager Chris Williams was there to see it Re: It was 20 years ago today apart from escaping from reality I see nothing attractive at all in consuming ten pints of coloured water that tastes rancid , costs 3 quid a time , leads to fights , arguments, accidents and banging headaches the next da It was 20 years ago today: the year British dance music went wild. Yes, Britpop hit the headlines, but that was only part of the story. In 1995 dance music came of age, and a wave of hedonism hit. Happy Birthday! 20 years ago today the original PlayStation launched in the UK. Whether you've been here since '95 or joined us along the way, we thank you

20 February. The Soviets open a new phase in space exploration with the launch of the world's biggest space station, Mir. Two 10-year-old boys are charged with the abduction and murder of two-year. It Was 20 Years Ago Today. Written on March 30, 2020. Posted in Insight. Technology has gone from almost nothing to a dominant sector in merchandise in just two decades. Matt Pluckrose looks back at the fascinating changes. The demand for technology, gadgets and electronics has changed dramatically over the last 20 years but there are some. It Was 20 Years Ago Today Posted on April 9, 2012 by davidsberry No, not the Beatles track (that one was actually 45 years ago now) but, in displaying my anorak tendencies in spades, I fess up to having just spent a housework day half-watching BBC Parliament's 12-hour-long marathon rebroadcast of the 1992 General Election

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  1. Re: It was 20 years ago today....'SOUTHPAW GRAMMAR' was released in the UK. I like it a lot, I remember being apprehensive at the time of release, but it's one of those that grows on you over time. Some real gems to be found here, The Operation (sans unnecessarily long intro), Southpaw (sans unnecessarily long outro), Reader Meet Author of course
  2. The first 'BMW' MINI rolled off the production line 20 years ago today. April 26, 2021 By Cars UK. The MINI is 20 - the first MINI and the latest
  3. Mansun's iconic debut album, 'Attack Of The Grey Lantern', was released 20 years ago today, on the 17th February 1997. The album spent 19 weeks in the UK chart, peaking at number one, earning the band a platinum disc
  4. What were you doing 20 years ago today, according to archive copies of our magazine 20-20 Vision, Pip Dunn amongst other things was was listening to the mighty Mega City Four in 1996, Robert and Brian were on there way up to Norfolk in the snow to fix Roberts fathers guttering and whilst they were in the area, they also visited the North Norfolk Railway which was the base for 20227. Through.
  5. See details and exclusions - LIVE AID: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY LIMITED EDITION DVD MUSIC CONCERT UK Release New R2 Watch Sold by snowleopard_2015 ( 39476 ) 97.8% positive Feedback Contact selle
  6. 20 years ago, the internet was still in its infancy. A dial-up modem and landline was needed to connect to the internet. Download and upload speeds were considerably slower: if you lived close enough to the local BT exchange then an 'acceptable' connection of 1 to 1.5Mb/s could be achieved
  7. 20 Years Ago Today... The Windsor Castle Fire Today, 20 November is the 20th anniversary of the fire at Windsor Castle. It was a sad day in 1992 when, during refurbishment work on the 900 year old.

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  1. It is 20 years today since the age of consent was finally equalised in the UK after a bruising, years-long campaign from LGBT+ activists. Today, queer people enjoy many of the same rights as their.
  2. Today is a significant day in the history of the Internet. On 6 August 1991, exactly twenty years ago, the World Wide Web became publicly available
  3. Now putting under 2k per year on a Tuscan as a 3rd car keeps the thrill alive (and the labour rates are a good bit lower than they were 20 years ago). 2 sMoKiN bArReLs Original Poste
  4. 201 months. [report] [news] Sunday 10th January 2016.It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. They've been going in and out of style. But they're guaranteed to raise.
  5. UK 20 years ago today, the Tories celebrated 'a victory for common sense' when Thatcher's homophobic Section 28 was saved. Lily Wakefield February 7, 2020 . Bookmark Article

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Eriskay causeway: 20 years ago today, this fixed link opened and brought benefits galore to the island. The Eriskay causeway opened in July 2001. It wasn't long ago that passengers asking if the. 20 Years ago today - A reflective account of a milestone in Glassbond (NW) Ltd history Posted April 21, 2021 April 21, 2021 wp-glassbond April 21st 2001 Glassbond and its personnel were accorded the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise, which acknowledges the achievement of 6 consecutive years of exceptional growth in export sales

36 Celebrities Who Have Not Aged (Or Look Better) Than They Did 25 Years Ago. It's also interesting to me that these people have been famous for 25 years to begin with It was 20 years ago today by admin | Apr 12, 2019 | Bowed String Instruments , Sound Post Services and News , Uncategorized That The Sound Post Ltd moved from London to Wiltshire It is 20 years today since the age of consent was finally equalised in the UK after a bruising, years-long campaign from LGBT+ activists. Today, queer people enjoy many of the same rights as their straight counterparts in the UK - but that wasn't always the case Twenty years ago today, two assholes got lost in the woods, and the greatest ever hour of television was born. Pine Barrens, AKA the one with the unkillable Russian, arrived deep into The. Big Brother UK C4 Episodes posted a video to playlist BB1. July 18, 2020 · 20 years ago today at TV phenomenon Began on Channel 4 this is the first episode Happy Birthday Big Brother UK

It was 20 years ago today! It was 20 years ago today! By Jacko51, April 22 in Port Vale past. Share in 20 years. 2 Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. More sharing options... Playa Amodores. Posted April 22. Playa Amodores. onevalefan.co.uk unless specified Powered by Invision Community The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today returned to the University of St Andrews where they met as students 20 years ago. Prince William, 38, and Kate Middleton, 39, spoke to students about their. Now fast forward to today, 30,000 odd cattle slaughtered every year because of TB, we have a strategy that works, Improved biosecurity, stricter movement restrictions etc. and the big difference, culling badgers. so what is going to happen now, the culling of badgers will be stopped within a few years in favour of a vaccine which we don't even. Well, not quite 20 years ago today that Ron Dennis got his band to play, but it is 20 years this year since McLaren first brought together the team that was to create the mighty McLaren F1, which.

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The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was 20 Years Ago, No Matter Take the advice contained in an old Chinese proverb and start planting today. Posted Apr 14, 201 And thus, 20 years ago today, when President Clinton signed the CDA, most of the attention was on the stopping indecency part, and very little on the throw in of Section 230. And yet, there's. I've just realised the date. On 26th June 2001, I was rushed into hospital after suffering bad pains in my back, middle and chest area. I'd already been to A&E just a few days previously with the same and was told it was heartburn. I was absolutely certain it wasn't and made an appointment for..

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The singer, who performed an alternative version of his song Candle In The Wind at her funeral, posted a picture of the two of them and wrote: 20 years ago today, the world lost an angel. #RIP. 20 years ago today (March 18), Eva Cassidy's Songbird album climbed to Number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart.. It was a bittersweet moment; the US jazz-folk musician had died of cancer just. It was 20 years ago today. In the words of the Sergeant Pepper song, 'It was twenty years ago today', on 18 March 1999, that the British government pledged to be the first to end child poverty in a generation. By 2010, there were 1.1 million fewer children in poverty. We proved once and for all that child poverty is policy-responsive. 2000 Today 20 years ago... (December 2019) This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive Previous It wasn't filmed, it was live The main UK output came from TC1, although I think the gallery of TC2 was used too. The international version came from either TC4 or 3 20 years ago today 13 February 2000 Sunday Tom Bartlett #531355 . Morning all, 13 February 2000 Sunday Doncaster Depot 08418, 08510, 08529, 08682, 08735, 08783, 09007, 31405, Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of main@UK-Rail.groups.io

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Pearl Jam Remembers 9 Fans Killed During Band's Performance at the Roskilde Festival 20 Years Ago. Guitarist Stone Gossard wrote in a statement on behalf of the band that nothing has been the. Why It's So Much Harder To Eat Healthy Today Than It Was 20 Years Ago. It was first published 20 years ago Asparagus is shown in the guide but asparagus air freighted to the UK from South. How Gundam Wing Found Its Home on Toonami 20 Years Ago Today Twenty years ago, Toonami introduced U.S anime fans to the Gundam saga with Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. By Christopher L. Ino

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20 years ago today in sport: Stephen Hendry wins fifth UK title H endry had used the cue since he was 14 years old. John Higgins won the UK Championship for the first time two years after. UK Debate. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. NOTIFICATIONS. UK Debate Mk 2 > International Section > America > 20 years ago today (the Chinese Embassy bombing) Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 27 posts Previous; 1; 2; 3 Michael Rand is the Star Tribune's Digital Sports Senior Writer. In 20 years covering Minnesota sports at the Star Tribune, he has seen just about everything. mrand@startribune.com 612-673-756

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Selby crash: Train horns sound in tribute to 10 who lost their lives in tragedy 20 years ago. The crash happened after a driver fell asleep at the wheel - drifting off the motorway, down an. Let me take you back. The year is 1990. New Kids on the Block top the charts. England are cheated out of certain world cup glory (once again) by the Germans. Mountain Biking is 'cool' in the same way Yo-Yos, skateboards, BMXs and rubiks cubes were before. A callow 13 year old is promised one [

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It was 20 years ago today. Published Sat 13 Mar 2004 Issue No. 1892. OVER 400 Notts, Hucknall and Linby striking miners and their families celebrated the 20th anniversary of the strike on Friday. Imagineer. Join Date: Jan 13. 20 years ago today! We got married we are now proud parents of 3 beautiful children and a dog . I don't want to give my husband a big head, because he will read this, but he is my best friend and I love him all the world. I am still attracted to him after all these years he is a fantastic dad and.

It was 20 years ago today‏ 20 years - half my life - ago, I went to Russia for the first time. I had studied Greek, Latin and French at school and, needing a new challenge, opted for Russian at University. The city I went to was in the Ural mountains, on the edge of Siberia, and had been closed to foreigners until the previous year due to. This is the fourth installment of my 20 Years Ago Today series, where I write about a life-changing album on the exact date of its 20th anniversary (you can check out the previous ones here). 20 years ago today, September 29, 1992, 10,000 Maniacs released what would be their last studio album, Our Time in Eden. If one could illustrate the geology of my psyche, it would resemble the. Well, that little face turns 30 this year! 11. First female Boeing 747 captain. Beverly Lynn Burns did it for the girls in 1984, when she became the first female pilot in the world to captain a Boeing 747. 12. Purple Rain. Can you believe it's been 30 years since this Prince & The Revolution album

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The war and post-war years showed price dips and stagnation, while some things cost more 100 years ago because the technology was new, like cars. Back In My Day comes courtesy of Hillarys, the interiors expert inspiring the nation with beautiful blinds , curtains, shutters and carpets The Dalmatian pelican reflects a time when huge areas of the UK would have been covered in reedbeds, marshes and large shallow stretches of water, like the Danube Delta in Romania, where this species lives today. It was common 12,000 years ago and bones have been found in peat bogs in Norfolk, East Yorkshire and Somerset from the Bronze and.

In honor of ALMACO's 20 th anniversary, let's take a look at 20 fun facts of 1998.. Business & Technology. 1. Google was founded - Larry Page and Sergey Brin misspelled 'googol' when they started their little search engine experiment. A googol is a big number - a 1 followed by 100 zeros. 2. Microsoft becomes biggest Company in the World valued at $261bn on the New York Stock Exchang 1993 - Dumping of radioactive waste at sea gets banned The London Dumping Convention permanently bans the dumping at sea of radioactive and industrial waste world-wide. It's the high point of a Greenpeace campaign that started in 1978. 1993 - Dump.. I don't recall anything much about june although I don't think it was poor,we had a wet spell around early july but the rest of the month was pretty decent with lots of warm sunny periods,certainly better than the majority of julys we have had in the last 10 years.August however was an amazing month hot and sunny throughout,similarly to those of 1984,1989 and 1995.What I hadn't realised is. However, its performance over the past 20 years has been relatively disappointing. In fact, a £1,000 investment at the turn of the century would now be worth around £2,300

Why a pound today is worth only 35% of a pound in 1987 Updated: July 13, 2021. £100 in 1987 is equivalent in purchasing power to about £288.55 today, an increase of £188.55 over 34 years. The pound had an average inflation rate of 3.17% per year between 1987 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 188.55%.. This means that today's prices are 2.89 times higher than average prices. Why a pound today is worth only 43% of a pound in 1990 Updated: July 13, 2021. £100 in 1990 is equivalent in purchasing power to about £233.16 today, an increase of £133.16 over 31 years. The pound had an average inflation rate of 2.77% per year between 1990 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 133.16%.. This means that today's prices are 2.33 times higher than average prices. Week Number Calculator - Find the week number for any date. Date Calculator - Add or subtract days, months, years. Add to or subtract from a date and time. Duration Between Two Dates - Calculates number of days. Time and Date Duration - Calculate duration, with both date and time included. Birthday Calculator - Find when you are 1. Read about the genocide whose effects are still being felt, as bodies from 20 years ago are still being buried today Even without today's well-timed announcement that Pete Davidson would be playing Joey Ramone in an upcoming biopic, the 20th anniversary of his death would not have gone unnoted. April 15 stands out as Tax Day to many (even though in 2021, that doomy occasion won't occur until May), but for some, it looms even larger as as the day the punk-rock flag flies at half-mast

Here we are 2 days prior to the launch of the Switch, and I find myself thinking back 20 years, to when I picked up my brand new, super shiny, £249.99 Nintendo 64. These were super rare (by today's standards) at launch in the UK, 30,000 is the number mentioned It was 20 years ago today Around 20 years ago I took delivery of my first computer based editing system. It was the heyday of the Spice Girls, but you cant win 'em all. It was also the days of dial up internet and 3½-inch floppy discs The 20 Years Ago Today Series II: the ME/CFS Survey! | Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Posted by Cort Johnson. Article by Phoenix Rising. 432. Term Life Insurance Car Insurance Recruitment Training Cognitive Problems Sculpture Lessons 3d Man 3d Icons Phoenix Rising Social Media On June 16th (almost 20 years ago today but three and a half months ahead of the release of Urban Hymns), the band from Wigan released their most iconic track as a single and quite frankly, it's still as powerful as it was when we first heard those superb strings Jim Dixon pointed out that the only tattoos you'd usually see 50 year's ago were on Popeye's bicep, and similarly piercings other than in women's ears were unusual. 4. People admit to.

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It Was 20 Years Ago Today - Front Cover: It Was 20 Years Ago Today - Back Cover: Label: Trade Mark of Quality: Catalogue No. TMOQ: Country Of Origin : England: Release date: 1987: Total time: 43:27: Comments NASA has some good news, the world is a greener place today than it was 20 years ago. What prompted the change? Well, it appears China and India can take the majority of the credit Princess Beatrice was 25 years younger than this. (Picture: Getty) 6. Edwina Currie, then Health Minister, announced that most of the UK's eggs were infected with salmonella FORMER nanny Louise Woodward has been pictured happily strolling hand-in-hand with her young daughter 20 years after she was convicted of killing a baby boy. The 39-year-old was seen taking the th

On this day in history, music, sport, film and television. Browse historical events, famous birthdays, weddings, deaths and people from 6,000 years of history 16-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: Wednesday, August 9, 1911: Today is passing and my opportunity for writing anything about it is passing with it. It is not necessary to jot down the happenings of every occurrence. Her middle-aged granddaughter's comments 100 years later: Since Grandma didn't write much a hundred years ago today Joey Ramone, Who Died 20 Years Ago Today, Is Remembered as a Mensch and Punk's Eternal Godfather. Read full article. A.D. Amorosi. 15 April 2021,. A hundred years ago, following one of the most destructive wars in human history, Save the Children's founder Eglantyne Jebb drafted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. Today children are healthier, wealthier and better educated than ever before Princess Diana's tragic death in a Paris car crash on August 31, 1997 shocked the world

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What Medical Schools Are Doing Now That They Weren't 20 Years Ago. There have been major changes in how medical schools are run compared to 15 or 20 years ago. You can get a good feel for this when you talk to some of the old school doctors. It was a completely different system back then. Even compared to five or ten years ago, so much. Item# it-was-20-years-ago-today-1967-and-sgt-pepp201967. List Price: $19.96. Your Sale Price: $9.49. It is the eighth studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. It spent 27 weeks at number one on the UK Albums Chart and 15 weeks at number one in the US. It was lauded by critics for its innovations in production, songwriting and. Today is the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike's release. The king of competitive shooters began as a Half-Life mod, developed by Minh Lee and Jess Cliffe, which began circulating in beta form in.

It was 20 years ago today! It was 20 years ago today! By Jacko51, April 22 in Port Vale past. Share Members; 476 5,603 posts; Posted April 24. 11 hours ago, Mellor! said: I always say that Northampton away game is the best I've ever seen us play. Should we have played Cambridge away around the same time? onevalefan.co.uk unless. Behold 1GB 20 years ago and 1GB today. Drum drives are great. Matt Hickey. Feb. 23, 2009 4:20 p.m. PT. ToxicJunctio 20 Years Ago Today, Metallica Trolled the Shit Out of MTV. Published. 5 years ago. on. November 16, 2016. By. which comes from UK punk rockers Anti-Nowhere League. Both songs are packed to the. Over the last one hundred years, numerous changes have occurred across the globe. Technological innovations, shifts in gender roles, and changes in religious and societal settings have subsequently affected lives in different ways. For teenagers today, life differs substantially from that of counterparts a hundred years ago. Although many scholars point out that associated technology [

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Hell yes. 20 years ago today Take Off Your Pants and Jacket came out. After the overwhelming and unexpected success of Enema of the State we wanted to write a darker, harder album that pushed the boundaries of what blink-182 could do Alan has spent two years and one month in the UK prior to 2 August 2007 and needs a further 17 years and 11 months to have 20 years' residence. He will be eligible to apply under the 20 year rule on 2 October 2025, 17 years and 11 months after 2 November 2007 20 years ago today, a car show that does not get enough credit for fostering automotive enthusiasm in the 90s aired its first episode. Viper aired on NBC as an action show with a high-speed star; the Dodge Viper RT/10. The cars used in seasons 1-3 were not actually production Vipers, but left over prototypes

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